2022-2023 Scholarship
Application Search &
Selection Time


Contact:  David Shirk, 2022-2023 Scholarship Chair


Please feel free to reproduce as many of these applications for distribution to your schools and don’t forget your Junior Civitans!




The rules and guidelines are included on the form.  All of the same documentation is required, and again we need an original and one complete copy of every item being submitted. We will happily accept one official transcript and one copy as before.




February 15th and they need to be received by me by February 28th.


Please collate your materials and do not just send separate sheets of loose paper. The scholarship application cover page should be on the top followed by your club certification page. The CLUB PRESIDENT must sign this certification page – not your committee chairperson or anyone else.


We again will allow two submissions from each club with one additional application for each Junior Civitan Club your club sponsors provided the extra student is actually an active member of that Junior club.


It is strongly suggested that you mail your packet by the U.S. Postal System. You should also request proof of delivery.


Password protected APPLICATION FORM (Contact your CLUB PRESIDENT for access rights)