Through the establishment of four “Impact Areas”, or sub-sets of Civitan’s mission statement, clubs and members focus their efforts on improving the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, advocating for change, and spreading the good work of Civitan throughout the world. 

Civitans help create avenues for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities to focus on their physical, emotional, and mental health while financially supporting integral research to bring better therapies and treatments. Learn more

Civitans advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to reach their fullest potential through the classroom, job experiences, and other continued learning. Learn more.

Civitans are committed to making our world open and welcoming to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, both seen and unseen. Learn more

Civitans stand behind those who love people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and the agencies that support them, so opportunities can be realized. Learn more


Why were Impact Areas created for Civitan?

  • Return to a focus on the Civitan International mission
  • Help Civitan become known for something both locally and Internationally
  • Not a sustainable long-term strategy to try to be all things to all people
  • Help clubs and members share the story and mission of Civitan
  • Help clubs understand how specifically we can impact the I/DD community
  • Help clubs focus and streamline their service projects
  • Help clubs recruit like-minded members
  • Provide clubs with project resources
  • Provide club with engaging marketing materials

Where did the Impact Areas come from?

  • Projects Civitan clubs are already carrying out, and have carried out throughout history
  • Top four areas of interest indicated on the 2020 International Membership Survey
  • Areas of both need and opportunity in the I/DD world
  • Plenty of leeway and creativity within each area to customize to club and community’s needs and interests

What are some ways clubs might utilize the Impact Areas?

  • Choose one impact area to focus on (single focus club)
  • Choose one impact area project per quarter
  • Appoint a club member in each area to spearhead projects and awareness
  • Build a club around an area
  • Recruit members who are passionate about having the same impact

Impact Area Resources Currently Available to Clubs

With any questions or assistance needed related to Impact Areas, contact:

Mary Frances Colley
Senior Director of Member Relations & Strategy
1-800-CIVITAN, extension 134